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    Backflow Prevention, installation and testing.

    Australian drinking water is very clean and safe, and to keep our drinking water this way, we all have a responsibility to make sure that dirty waste water does not backflow and mix into our fresh drinking water. Contamination of our water supplies must be prevented as contaminated water has been known to cause diseases such as Legionnaires, cause severe health issues, sickness and even death.

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    Backflow Testing

    On commercial properties, Testable Backflow devices are required to be installed adjacent to the water meters. There are many types of devices available and are selected to suit each specific application. The function of the device is to prevent the backflow of possible contaminated water entering our clean potable fresh drinking water system.

    To ensure that the devices remain in perfect working order and keep protecting our water supply, they must be tested annually in accordance with the Water Corporations requirements. Should the device fail the test, usually a simple service can be carried out to ensure the device works correctly.

    Holborn Plumbing and Gas are fully licensed to install, service and test all backflow prevention devices, so if you need an annual Backflow test carried out or a Backflow device fitted or serviced, Holborn Plumbing & Gas can arrange this for you. Please give us a call or send an email.

    Why you may need to call Holborn Plumbing and Gas for your backflow needs

    • You may have received a notice from the Water Corporation advising that you have a backflow device on your property and that it requires testing.
    • You may have noticed either reduced pressure at your taps or a strange noise near your water meter.
    • You may own a commercial property and are not aware that the backflow device has been tested.
    • You may have changed the type of operation or use of your commercial property and need your backflow prevention needs assessed to ensure you continue to protect our water supply.

    Why choose Holborn Plumbing and Gas for all your backflow needs

    • We are fully licensed for the testing, service and installation of all types of backflow devices.
    • We have all our own plant and testing equipment.
    • We lodge all certifications direct to the Water Corporation on your behalf.
    • Same day testing.
    • Programmed testing available to save you the hassle.
    • Testing available out of hours / weekends to avoid any disruption to your commercial activities.
    • We are fully Licensed Plumbing contractors able to attend to any other plumbing problems you may have whilst on site saving you both time and money.

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