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    About Blocked Drains

    Blocked drains are a very common problem that can occur without warning and more often than not, at the most inconvenient time. But when it does, it’s good to know that the team at Holborn Plumbing and Gas are readily available to get your drainage system working correctly, fast and with no fuss. Overflowing and blocked sewer drains are a health issue and must be fixed as a matter of urgency.

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    Blocked Drains

    There are many factors that can cause drains to block or become slow draining, it could be tree roots that have entered into your drains, your drain could be broken or damaged, cooking fat, grease, oils and food scraps could be clogging your wastes, too much toilet paper could have been flushed down the toilet, the septics, leach drains or ATU may need servicing, whatever the reason in order to clear your drains efficiently it is first important to understand why or how it is occurring and then implement the correct solution, our team at Holborn Plumbing and Gas have all the experience, tools and equipment to do this for you quickly and efficiently.

    Our Licensed Plumbers can unblock your drains using a drain machine, or they can use our jetter machine if nothing else works. If your drains have blocked up more than once before, a Drain Camera may be your best option. Give us a call or email us.

    Here are some warning signs that you should look for that indicate that you may have a blockage and you need to call Holborn Plumbing and Gas.

    Signs you may have a blockage include:

    • You hear a gurgling noise coming from your drains, or you hear the noise in the bathroom or toilet.
    • Your toilet does not hold as much water in the bottom of the toilet bowl, and the water level in the bottom of the bowl seems to be lower than normal.
    • When you flush the toilet, the bowl starts to fill up, and does not flush away
    • The shower or other drains in the bathroom smell bad.
    • Sewage is overflowing from the drain gully outside your house.
    • When you flush the toilet, there is a gurgling noise after the waste flushes away.
    • There is no water in the toilet bowl.
    • When showering, the water does not drain fast enough, so you seem to be standing in a couple of inches/centimetres of water.
    • Your basin or sink does not drain away quickly.
    • The sewer Inspection Shaft which is usually located near your back fence or at the front of your property has sewage oozing out of it.

    Drain Camera

    Do you have drains that consistently block? Once your drain is unblocked, Holborn Plumbing and Gas can use our drain camera to travel down your drain to help find any damage to your drain. There are many possible reasons that your drainage system is not working as well as it should, as with all problems, early intervention is required to reduce health and safety issues, damage to property and repair costs. Some common problems we find are:

    • Tree roots could be entering and damaging your drains, some trees and bushes have very aggressive root systems and if the trees/bushes are located near or over your sewer drain, then once the roots find a way into your drain pipes, your drain will eventually block up. Our Licensed Plumbers will unblock the drains by cutting through the root filled drain. Tree roots can damage your drains also. In this case, your drains may have to be excavated and replaced.
    • Accidental damage to the drainage system, this can happen without anybody being aware, for example, have you had any previous excavations at your property, maybe a building extension or renovation, or the camera may find other damage to the drains. In this case the drains would be excavated and the damage section replaced.
    • Build up of fats and oils. The fats and oils that is discharged into your drain (from your kitchen sink) will congeal inside your pipes within 3m to 5m metres from your sink. Over a period of time , the drain will slowly block up and eventually block. In this case we would clear the waste with a high pressure jetting machine to thoroughly clean your pipework.

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