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    Leaking Taps

    Leaking taps are a waste of our precious water supplies, and many millions of litres are lost in WA every year, a leak of 5 litres per minute will waste in excess of 2.6 million litres of our already struggling water supply per year, not to mention over $5000 of your hard earned money that would better be spent on a holiday.

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    Leaking Taps

    Holborn Plumbing & Gas is a Water Corporation approved Waterwise plumbing company, and fixing your leaking taps is our specialty. Our well trained tradesmen can assess your leaking taps and advise whether repairing or replacement would be your best option. We are a Licensed Plumbing Contractor and can carry out all repairs and replacement work legally and efficiently.

    Failing to remedy leaking taps will waste our precious water supplies and your money, it may also lead to unwanted staining of china, stainless steel and plastic plumbing fittings as well as other damage that would cause a financial burden such as the cost for repairing water damage to tiles, benchtops, painted or wall papered walls, floors or floor coverings and cupboards. Repairing leaking taps early significantly reduces further costs and damage.

    If you are experiencing any of the following signs please phone or email Holborn Plumbing and Gas for a prompt and reliable response.

    Signs you may have leaking taps include:

    • There is an obvious leak from the outlet of your tap or shower when the tap is turned off.
    • There is constantly water around the base of the taps.
    • Your taps are hard to turn off.
    • Inside your house has a damp smell.
    • Your walls, carpets or floors are mouldy or wet.
    • Wall plaster is peeling.
    • Dirty water is coming out of your taps.
    • Your taps have low pressure.

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