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    Burst or leaking Water Pipes

    Burst or leaking water pipes can happen at any time and anywhere. While some leaks are quite obvious there are others that you wouldn’t know are leaking until you receive your water bill and the water usage and charged amount is a lot higher than your usual bill. Holborn Plumbing and Gas is an approved Water Corporation Waterwise plumbing company and locating and repairing burst or leaking water pipes is our specialty.

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    Burst Pipes

    We have experienced Plumbing Managers available to help with any questions you may have regarding water leaks. We are a Licensed Plumbing Contractor, and can locate, undertake and conduct all repair work legally and efficiently. Our Plumbing Tradesmen have leak detection and leak repair work experience and are available to help you today.

    Burst or Leaking water pipes are a waste of our precious water supplies, a leak of 5 litres per minute will waste in excess of 2.6 million litres of our already struggling water supply per year, not to mention over $5000 of your hard earned money that would better be spent on a holiday.

    If you are experiencing any of the following signs it could indicate that you have a water leak so please phone or email Holborn Plumbing and Gas for a prompt and reliable response.

    Signs you may have a water leak include:

    • Your water meter dial is turning and all your taps are turned off.
    • You can see water bubbling out of the ground or water is flooding your paved or concrete area.
    • One spot outside is constantly wet all the time.
    • Dirty water is coming out of your taps.
    • Your taps have low pressure.
    • You can hear a faint hissing noise or a ticking noise throughout your house, or you can only hear it in some rooms of the house.
    • Inside your house has a damp smell.
    • Your walls, carpets or floors are mouldy or wet.
    • Wall plaster is peeling.
    • You have a storage Hot Water Unit, but you seem to run out of hot water quicker than normal (while having a shower).

    Failing to remedy water leaks quickly can cause health consequences such as asthma/breathing difficulties, throat irritation, coughing or wheezing, skin and eye irritation as well as other damage that would cause a financial burden such as the cost for repairing water damage to painted or wall papered walls, floors or floor coverings, furniture, cupboards, ceilings and clothing. Finding and fixing leaks early significantly reduces the health and repair cost implications.

    Holborn Plumbing and Gas can find your water leak with our specialist Leak Detection Equipment which saves you both time and money. Once the leak has been located, one of our team will quickly and thoroughly carry out the required repairs for you using modern technology and equipment to put an instant stop to both your water and money wastage.

    Once the repairs are completed and fully tested, we will reinstate the ground and relay any paving if required. We can also help you with your floor, wall and other repairs if you would like us to. We will also submit a Leak allowance application form to the Water Corporation on your behalf if you qualify and if approved by the Water Corporation you will be eligible for a credit on your next water bill.

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